Tuesday, 10 January 2012

This is Steve

Some of you may be aware I'm launching two new projects in 2012 as part of YouTube/Google's "made for web" initiative.

They are Numberphile and Deep Sky Videos.

These are in addition to various ongoing projects  (Periodic Videos, Sixty Symbols, et al).

An impossible amount of work for one person.

But help is at hand.

Stephen Slater is an assistant producer, editor and camera operator.

He has edited many of my Foodskey films and, more importantly, is editing many of the Deep Sky Videos (launching next week).

Stephen's an excellent editor with plenty of impressive projects under his belt - perhaps the best-known being his labour of love Destination Titan which was screened on the BBC.

He also works on various projects across the country, ranging from space to sport.

Why introduce him on the blog today?

Because it's his birthday.


  1. Happy birthday Stephen Slater! Gotta show some love for the people working backstage!

  2. Happy birthday, Steve! So glad you're helping so we get more videos more quickly!

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