Monday, 23 January 2012

Funny comment

Hundreds and hundreds of comments are posted every day on our YouTube videos.

I try to read most of them, especially on newer videos.

And I try to reply to a dozen or so each day, just so people know I'm reading them.

But today there was a comment on a video that really made me smile!

It was posted on the latest Sixty Symbols video about 3D glasses.

The comment said:

"Ironically I'm watching this video when I should be revising for my physics exam tomorrow. Even more ironically, I'm revising for my physics exam so that I can go to Nottingham University to study physics xD So if I don't get in to Nottingham university, I'm blaming Nottingham university :L"

I shared this one with the whole Sixty Symbols team because I thought it would amuse them!


  1. Very amusing indeed :) I'm sure your videos do a lot of good as well. I always have been very interested in science (physics and chemistry especially) but quit high school in my last year for personal reasons. Your videos have inspired me to finish my high school and go to university and study physics And it's just fantastic! :) (I was studying cosmology and quantum mechanics for fun anyway)
    Thanks for helping me find some motivation!

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