Thursday, 28 July 2011

Roger, Over and Out!?

I just posted a video to Test Tube about the imminent retirement of Professor Roger Bowley.

Roger's been a physicist - and very popular lecturer - for 40 years.

As he packed up his office, I asked him a few questions about retirement.

Test Tube is all about these one-off moments in science, and retirement is something I'd never covered.

But is Roger really retiring? I'm not so sure.

Okay, he won't be doing any more lectures.

But I think he'll still be coming into the university and doing physics with his friends and collaborators.

After all, physics is Roger's hobby.

And perhaps more importantly (to me!) Roger has agreed to continue appearing in Sixty Symbols videos.

So Roger may be emptying his old office... And receiving his pension... But I suspect he'll still be a busy physicist.

Maybe he'll just have a bit more time in the garden and with his lovely wife.


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