Monday, 20 September 2010

Morphine and Heroin

The latest film on The Periodic Table of Videos is about heroin and morphine.

The thing I found most interesting was that the smallest change to a molecule could make such a difference.

Also interesting and something I learned after filming was that heroin was a trademark... It was registered as a brand name by Bayer in 1895, when you could buy the drug in shops!!!

The chemist featured in the above video is Rob Stockman, our first regular organic chemist to feature in the videos.

(PTOV regular Pete Licene trained as an organic chemist but has now moved into the field of ionic liquids)

Rob featured in our earlier video about frog poison, and we hope to see him pop up more regularly with these interesting tales about amazing molecules.


  1. Might not be the right place to do this. But thank you very much for this. Really amazing stuff you're producing here and hopefully it'll catch on more and more.

    Hope you keep up the good work!

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