Monday, 9 August 2010

Chemistry in the Clouds

For our latest video I joined Dr John Moses and his research team on an unusual expedition.

It was a trek up the highest mountain in Wales - Snowdon.

At the (rather wet) summit, the team pitched a small tent and made the famous anti-cancer drug Cisplatinum.

I know Snowdon (at just over 1000 metres) is not Mt Everest.

But this was certainly one of the more demanding films I've made on The Periodic Table of Videos - both phsyically and technically, with most of the filming done in rain and clouds.

The team was trying to publicise chemistry and raise money for anti-cancer research.

So if you fancy making a small donation, visit their charity page and please give.

And here are some photos from the trip posted to our Flickr pages.

PS: I will let everyone know when I have regained the ability to walk.

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  1. did you just hike this past weekend? looks like it was saturday. i climbed up 3 peaks surrounding snowdon on sunday... we had much better weather (aka. not in clouds), but i can barely walk today!